Dr J. Simon ROFE

Dr J. Simon ROFE
Full Name
Dr J. Simon ROFE
Date of birth
University of London, UK
Great Britain
Dr J. Simon ROFE
Reader in Diplomatic and International Studies and Programme Director, MA Global Diplomacy Master Programme, Centre for International Studies an Dimplomacy, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.
Dr J Simon Rofe is Reader / Associate Professor of International Politics at the University of Leeds where he is responsible as subject lead for the Curriculum Redefined project; and Deputy Director of the Centre for Online and Distance Education at the University of London.
Simon previously headed the Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise portfolio (2020-22) and was Academic Head of Digital Learning (2016-2020) at SOAS University of London, where he devised and implemented an institutional Online Learning Strategy 2018, and led in the strategic response to COVID 19 2020-21. He has designed, developed and delivered under the aegis of the IR Model, numerous online learning programmes at a variety of HEIs, NGOs and other organisations; he led reviews of digital learning at a number of institutions, developed MOOCs in the first wave of their deployment, and has been at the forefront of digital learning for over a decade. He is widely published in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.