The Premises

Welcome to the IOA

The IOA runs its own educational sessions and programmes since 1961 and hosts events for other organizations that promote Olympic values at it's premises in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

The IOA premises, are situated within walking distance from the archeological site of Ancient Olympia where where the Ancient Olympic Games took place from 776BC until 393AD, sprawled around an area of 400.000m2.

The recent renovation (2022) of the IOA premises, with the IOC's financial support, offers an opportunity for the IOA to reintroduce itself within and beyond the Olympic family, by expanding its operational framework and by offering high-quality academic education and hospitality services in its all-inclusive facilities, which include a conference center, library, rooms and suites, restaurant, cafeteria and sports facilities.

The Coubertin Grove and the Coubertin stele where his heart rests, as well as the "Athens 2004" Historic Archive are just some of the key points of interest people can visit in the IOA premises in Ancient Olympia, Greece the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Quick Facts

- 1,2 km from the village of Olympia

- Walking distance from the archaeological site where the ancient Olympic Games took place

- Near the archaeological museum of Olympia and the museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity

- Access to the Stele de Coubertin where his heart rests

- All-inclusive hospitality services (rooms & board) accomodating up to 257 people

- Conference center, teaching facilities, sports courts and more.

Notable events held at the IOA

  • The International Scholars' Symposium on Sports, Society & Culture co-organized with the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University
  • Imagine Peace Youth Camp organized by the International Olympic Truce Centre and the British Council
  • The Annual World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium oganised by the Hellenic Cultural and Educational Club for UNESCO
  • Visits by NOAs / NOCs
  • Conferences by Educational Institutes
  • Conferences/Seminars organized by Governmental and non-Governmental Organizations
  • Educational visits from Primary and Secondary Educational Institutions
  • Visits by Researchers and Scientists from Universities
  • Conference hall of 1800 m2 built in 3 levels
  • “Dimitrios Vikelas” Conference hall with 420 seats and the capacity of simultaneous translation in 8 languages
  • "Otto Szymiczek" Conference hall of 110 seats
  • The Nissiotis Library with study areas, and more than 20.000 book titles
  • Lecturers' Lounge
  • 6 teaching rooms
  • One soccer field
  • Track and field (250m.)
  • Two basketball courts
  • One volleyball court
  • Two tennis courts
  • One beach volley/tennis/soccer court
  • One outdoor swimming pool (25m.)
  • Administration wing with 5 offices
  • 25 single rooms,

    35 double rooms,

    47 triple rooms,

    6 VIP suites and 2 accessible rooms
  • Restaurant & Cafe
  • First Aid Room
  • Table Tennis Room
  • WiFi access - IOA Campus Wide
  • The IOA hosts the historic archive of the "Athens 2004" Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, a project fully financed by the IOC.
  • Themes:

    Olympic Torch/Torch relay/Olympic Medals

    Opening & Closing Ceremonies

    Archive of the facilities blueprints and physical plans

    Collectable memorabilia & licensed merchandise

    The mascots and pictograms of the sports

    The communication, image & identity archive material

  • Research Room
  • Lecture Hall
  • Welcome Hall
  • Interactive probes
  • Archaelogical site/ancient stadium & museums
  • Pierre De Coubertin Grove & Stele
  • Nemouta/Neda Water Falls
  • Ancient Forest of Foloe
  • Local trails
  • Local Beaches
  • Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the ideals to which Coubertin had dedicated his life, had always a special place in his heart.
  • After his death, in 1937 and according to his wish, his heart was taken to Olympia to rest eternally in the memorial stele erected in his honor by the Greek government in 1927. The stele is located in the Coubertin Grove, at the ΙOA premises.
  • Each IOA session begins with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Coubertin monument and the monument of the two founders of the Academy, Ioannis Ketseas and Carl Diem, as a tribute to their vision and efforts of a lifetime.
  • The first torchbearer of the Olympic Torch Relay also pays tribute to Coubertin's monument.
  • The runner lights a marble altar in the Coubertin Grove, honoring the man who revived the Olympic Games and then begins the traditional route of the Olympic flame to Athens and subsequently to the host city of the Games.
  • People from all around the world visit each year the Stele to pay their respects.
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Academic Facilities

"Dimitrios Vikelas" Conference hall
"Otto Szymiczek" Conference hall
Main Lecture Hall photo
Amphitheater common area
Lecture Hall
Conference Room

Sports Facilities

IOA sports facilities
IOA track & field by night
IOA and the City of Ancient Olympia in the background
IOA basketball courts
View of the sport facilities at the IOA

Hospitality Facilities

Single Room
Twin Room
Triple Room
Triple Room
Superior room
indoor sport hall
a large room with tables and chairs
Dining Hall
Lounge Area

"Athens 2004 Historic Archive"

Welcome Area
2004 Branding
2004 Olympic Torches
Research & Study Area
2004 Cultural Themes
2004 area
2004 in time wall

Points of Interest around the IOA

The ancient stadium where the first Olympic Games took place
The Coubertin Grove
The Gods Water Falls in Nemouta
The Ancient Forest of Foloi
The temple of Apollo Epicurius

Monuments at the IOA

Laying of wreath  at the stele of Baron Pierre de Coubertin
by members of the IOC Executive Board
The stele of Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Panoramic view of the Coubertin Grove next to the ancient stadium
The commemorative monument
of John Ketseas & Carl Diem
Participans at the stele of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

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IOA Administration

The administrative bodies of the IOA are the Board of directors, also called “Ephoria” with a four-year term which consists of eleven members as well as the Executive Committee consisting of five members.

The “Ephoria” consists of the following members: three members appointed by the IOC, five members appointed by the HOC, one of which is the HOC President and one is the HOC Secretary General, the IOC member for Greece, the Mayor of Ancient Olympia and a distinguished personality in the field of Olympism, sports, culture or education, or other prominent personality.

For the years 2021-2024
Isidoros Kouvelos
IOA President
Spyridon Zannias
HOC Member, Member
Ser Miang Ng
IOC Vice-president, Member
Alexandra Pallis
HOC Member, Member
Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski
IOC EB Member, Member
Constantinos Filis
HOC Member, Member
Spyros Capralos
HOC President and IOC Member for Greece, ex officio Member
Georgios Georgiopoulos
Mayor of Ancient Olympia, ex officio Member
Pere Miró
IOC Deputy Director General, Member
Georgios Karampetsos
HOC Member, Member
Emmanouil Kolympadis
HOC Secretary General, ex officio Member
For the years 2021-2024
Isidoros Kouvelos
IOA President
Ser Miang Ng
IOC Vice-president, Member
Constantinos Filis
HOC Member, Member
Spyros Capralos
HOC President and IOC Member for Greece, ex officio Member
Emmanouil Kolympadis
HOC Secretary General, ex officio Member
  • Ioannis KETSEAS (1961-1965)
  • Theodossios PAPATHANASSIADIS (1965-1966)
  • Prince GEORGE of Hannover (1966-1969)
  • Epaminondas PETRALIAS (1970-1974)
  • Athanassios TZARTZANOS (1974-1976)
  • Nikolaos NISSIOTIS (1977-1986)
  • Nikos FILARETOS (1986-1992 , 1997-2005)
  • Fernandos SERPIERIS (1993-1996)
  • Minos X. KYRIAKOU (2006-2008)
  • Isidoros KOUVELOS (2009-2024)
  • Otto SZYMICZEK (1962-1990)
  • Konstantinos GEORGIADIS (1990- )
  • Otto SZYMICZEK (1962-1990)
  • Konstantinos GEORGIADIS (1990- )
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