Georgios Georgiopoulos

Georgios Georgiopoulos
Full Name
Georgios Georgiopoulos
Mayor of Ancient Olympia
Date of birth
Ex officio Member Mayor of Ancient Olympia
Georgios Georgiopoulos

This individual holds a degree in Law from the Aristotle University of Athens and has established an extensive professional career. Since 1982, they have been a freelance professional while also serving as a Legal Adviser for the Agricultural Bank of Greece. Their experience in public administration includes roles such as Special Assistant to the Minister of Labor, Director of the Political Bureau of the Deputy Minister of Interior, Director of the Minister of Transport and Communications, and membership in the Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. They have also contributed significantly to the world of sports as the President of Regulations of the Football Associations Committee. In addition, they have held roles in regional governance, serving as Vice-Prefect of Ilia and as a Regional Councilor.

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