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Harris Kalofonos
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Harris Kalofonos
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Harris Kalofonos

Harris Kalofonos serves as the CTO of the IOA. Harris is a serial entrepreneur and business executive best known for founding goodvoicegroup and YCA, a full-service Olympic Education program for the US Olympic Museum.

In addition, Harris and his teams have developed digital brands and learning experiences for a very long list of prominent companies such as Panasonic, Denver University, the World Trade Center, the US Olympic Museum and the International Olympic Academy, and others. Under his leadership, goodvoicegroup earned numerous accolades, including "top 100 innovators in the world in learning and education" in 2020 by the GFLE. In 2021, The IOA hired the goodvoice group in 2022 develop the organization's new website, event registration system, learning management system, and a series of specialized online courses.

Harris is deeply involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including starting a non-profit organization called YCAimpact that offers Olympic education programming in underserved parts of the world. In addition, he founded a fund to support students in studying sports management and is currently building platforms with partners to serve sports organizations' management and educational need.

Harris's remarkable life journey, from leaving Greece, to working for five Olympic Games, to starting a company from his home, to building a global brand and impacting the lives of many through his philanthropic work, is sure to inspire and captivate audiences of sports managers and leaders alike.

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