Mr Hee-beom LEE

Mr Hee-beom LEE
Full Name
Mr Hee-beom LEE
Date of birth
PyeongChang Organizing Committee
Mr Hee-beom LEE

Lee Hee-beom (Korean: 이희범; Hanja: (李熙範;March 23, 1949) is a South Korean politician. He took overas President of thePyeongchang Organizing Committee for the 2018Winter Olympics tosucceed ChoYang-ho after his resignation.

OnMay4, 2016, he was nominated as President & CEO of the PyeongchangOrganizingCommittee for XXIII Olympic Winter Games to replace Cho Yang-ho sincestepping down on May 3.

In 2018, he wasgiven the gold OlympicOrder award and the Paralympic Order award after his effortsincoordinating the 2018 Winter Olympics and ParalympicsinPyeongchang.


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