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Dora Pallis is the President of the Hellenic Modern Pentathlon Federation, the General Secretary of the Hellenic Olympic Academy and former Deputy Director of the International Olympic Truce Center. She is an educational and social issues consultant and children’s book publisher and editor.

From 2010 till the present day, Dora was the Deputy Director of theInternational Olympic Truce Center. In this context she develops and delivers educational programs aimed at primary and secondary school students.  The programs have various strands, the core theme being Olympic values, bullying and non-violence, as well as sport for development and peace; they have been delivered to more than 50.000 school children and 3.500 teachers in Greece, have been translated to many languages and transferred worldwide.

For the creation and implementation of the educational program “Respect Diversity” Dora has received worldwide recognition and awards. The program addresses issues of school bullying and racism and how they can be overcome by embracing the Olympic values of respect, social inclusion and peaceful conflict resolution in everyday life. Significant international collaborations include the participation at the Cultural Educational Program of the Youth OlympicGames, the teaching of sports  to  support human rights and Olympic values at the United Nations Youth Leadership Camps organized around the world by the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, and the implementation of an annual “Imagine Peace Youth Camp” in ancient Olympia.

For her contribution to Olympic education, sports and social issues Dora has received awards and honors. Among others from: the InternationalOlympic Committee (IOC) for contributing to the success of the 2nd Youth Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer 2016, the 2nd Youth Olympic Games Nanjiing 2014, the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and the Youth Olympic Winter Games Lausanne 2020, the international organization "Peace and Sport", the Hellenic Olympic champions Association, the National Olympic Academy of Greece, the Hellenic Wrestling Federation, the Hellenic Egyptian Nautical Club, the Piraeus Sailing Club, the Palaion Faliro Sports Club, the Panathenaic Women's Association, the “Apolloneion prize” from the union of Greek gymnastics clubs, the Athens festival Connect Athens. She has received awards for her activities against school bullying from many municipalities in Greece including Kallithea, Ilion, kassos and Karpathos. In December 2022, she received the prestigious "Make place for one more Woman Award" from the Hellenic Olympians Association for her educational work in the field of Olympism and sports.

Dora is also a regular speaker at international conferences and workshops on issues of school bullying , human rights, Olympism, sport, Olympicvalues and peace. She was a key speaker at the international week of sports at the European Parliament.

Dora is also a publisher, author and has edited many children's books onthe subjects of Olympic values, peace, bullying and the environment. Among others, the comic book "The Truce Story" which was published in seven languages, distributed throughout the world through UNESCO, offered as an official gift of the International Olympic Committee at the Turin 2006 Olympic Games and joined the Olympic Education Program of the Ministry of National Education and the “Respect Diversity” educational books.

Dora was elected in March 2021 President of the Hellenic Modern Pentathlon Federation, one of only 3 women elected Presidents of Olympic sports federations in Greece.

On December 2021 she was re-elected General Secretary of the Hellenic Olympic Academy. The Academy, among numerous activities to promote the philosophy of Olympism and the Olympic Ideals,  initiated the “Olympic values educational week” with the participation reaching, in 2023, 129.752 students from Greece,Cyprus and Greek schools around the world.

On January 2022 she was appointed by the International Modern Pentathlon Federation Executive Board (UIPM) member on two commissions, notably the Women's Commission and the Pierre de Coubertin Commission.

Dora  has worked as communications and international relations consultant and has served at the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, (2007 - 2009), at the Ministry of Tourism Development (2006 - 2007) and at the Ministry of Culture responsible for the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 and post-Olympic legacy (2004 – 2006). In the National Elections 2023, she was a candidate in the southern sector of Athens II (B3) with New Democracy, where she received 12,500 preference votes.

Coming from a family with a long tradition in the field of sports andthe Olympic Movement, Dora has participated in various activities related tothe spreading of the Olympic Idea and has numerous experiences related to theorganization of Olympic Games. Over the past years, she has been present - either as a member or as a follower of the Greek Olympic or National delegations - in events of the Olympic Games of Barcelona, Atlanta, Sidney, Salt Lake City, Athens, Turin, Bejiing, Vancouver, London, Sochi, Nanjiing , Lillehammer, Rio, Buenos Aires, Lausanne as well as in many international sport meetings.

She is an active member of the “Axion Hellas –we support society”volunteers group aiming to improve the lives of the inhabitants of remote areasof Greece by providing medical examinations, creating critical infrastructures while also organizing cultural and educational events. In this capacity Dora has delivered the educational programs of the Olympic Truce to remote geographical areas of Greece including Kastelorizo, Karpathos, Folegandros and Chalki.

Dora holds an M.Sc. awarded with distinction in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a B.Sc. in Business Studies from The City University Business School, London. She speaks fluently English and French.  

She is married to Panos Sioutos and they have one 20 year old daughter.

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