Ms Xenia Kourgouzova

Ms Xenia Kourgouzova
Full Name
Ms Xenia Kourgouzova
Date of birth
International Olympic Committee
Ms Xenia Kourgouzova

Xenia Kourgouzova works for the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage and leads the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP). Xenia’s career started in education and her diverse experience includes development and implementation of educational projects in Canada, Guatemala, and Eastern Europe. Over the course of her career, she had an opportunity to give classes to up to 200 students, trained instructors, designed field projects, evaluated and coached students, formulated curricula and lesson plans.

After joining the International Olympic Committee in 2013, Xenia developed several eLearning projects, created and conducted onboarding and induction programs, organized webinars, training workshops, rolled out strategies, created new partnerships, and managed diverse communities of stakeholders.
Xenia holds Master’s degrees in Comparative History (Université de Montréal, Canada) and in Knowledge Management (McGill University, Canada).

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