Pere Miró

Pere Miró
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Pere Miró
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Pere Miró

Pere Miró recently retired after nearly 30 years of service with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He joined in 1992, held strategic positions, and formalized key IOC interactions. After leading departments like Olympic Solidarity and Relations with National Olympic Committees, he continued as Deputy Director General for Relations with the Olympic Movement. Miró was known for his approachability and warm guidance, building strong global connections within the Olympic community. His proudest achievement was his dedicated team, and he excelled at turning good ideas into reality. Miró cited defining moments in Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, and Beijing 2022, emphasizing the enduring importance of sport in today's world. In retirement, he plans to learn the piano, explore languages and culture, and discover Switzerland on foot while remaining available to assist if needed.

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