Prof. Dr Mike J. McNAMEE

Prof. Dr Mike J. McNAMEE
Full Name
Prof. Dr Mike J. McNAMEE
Date of birth
Swansea University, Great Britan
Great Britain
Prof. Dr Mike J. McNAMEE

MikeMcNamee is Professor of Applied Ethics.He has dual backgrounds and qualifications in philosophy and in sports sciences.He has published several books including Sports, Virtues and Vices (Routledge,2008) and Sport, Medicine, Ethics (Routledge, 2016), Bioethics,Genetics, and Sport (Routledge, 2018).

He is the Founding Editor of the international journal “Sport, Ethics andPhilosophy (2007-17), and Co-Editor of Routledge’s “Sport Ethics” book series(1998-). His work has been funded by various national research councils and theEuropean Commission, in topics ranging from anti doping; eating disorders insports; ethics of innovative sports medicine; human enhancement ethics andpolicy.

He is Programme Director of a consortium of six European Universities in a new Erasmus+ fundedMaster Degree in Sport Ethics and Integrity Mike has served as an expertethicist for a number of organisations including UN Office on Drugs and Crime,and the Clinical Ethics and Clinical Effectiveness Committees in Wales, UK. Heis a member of the Ethics Expert Group of the World Anti Doping Agency, and isChair of the Independent Ethics Committee of South Wales Police.

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