Prof Stephen MILLER

Prof Stephen MILLER
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Prof Stephen MILLER
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Society for the revival of the Nemean Gmes, Univercity of California in Berkeley, American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece
Prof Stephen MILLER

StephenMiller obtained a bachelor’s degree in Ancient Greek from Wabash College in 1964. He then pursued graduatestudies, earning a Masters and a PhD in Classical Archaeology from Princeton University in 1967 and 1970.  Millerparticipated in excavations in Morgantina, Olympia, Athenian Agora and Amphipolis. In 1971, he was elected AssistantProfessor at the Department of Classics, University of California, Berkeley and appointed directorof excavations at Nemea. There, he and his teamunearthed the Sanctuary of Zeus and the ancientstadium, constructed around 330 BC.This stadium hosted the Nemean Games, athletic competitions like those at Olympia, Delphi, and Isthmia. The games at the four sites constitutedthe Panhellenic Games and their victors were the mostfamous athletes of classical antiquity.

In parallel withhis field work in Nemea, Miller continued to teach at Berkeley, being promotedto Associate Professor in 1975 and full Professor in 1981. During 1982–87, heserved as the Director of the American School of Classical Studiesat Athens.

Miller amasseddonations for the construction of the Nemea museum, created an archaeologicalpark, oversaw the restoration of the Temple of Zeus, founded the Society forthe Revival of the Nemean Games and promoted Nemea and its heritage as atourist destination. He published extensively on his archaeologicaldiscoveries, including "Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium”(University of California Press 2001).

In 2005, Millerwas bestowed the Greek title of Grand Commander (Greek: Ταξιάρχης) of the Order of Honor and was made anhonorary Greek citizen by decree of the President of the Hellenic Republic. He was also awardedhonorary doctorates by the University of Athens (1996) and Wabash College (2012).

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