Prof. Dr Nikolaos DIGELIDIS

Prof. Dr Nikolaos DIGELIDIS
Full Name
Prof. Dr Nikolaos DIGELIDIS
Date of birth
Department of PE & Sport Science, University of Thessaly - Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning, USA
Prof. Dr Nikolaos DIGELIDIS

He has more than 72 publications in peer-reviewed national and international journals, and more than 160 publications in proceedings of national and international congresses. For the last 25 years he has been part of every significant educational reform in his country. He participated in ‘Olympic Education’ (2000-2006) and ‘Promoting social and gender equality’ (2006-2008) nation wide programs, new books on PE (2004-2006), ‘New School’ action (2011-2013), new study program and teacher guidelines for physical education at high school (2014-15), and new curriculum for high school seniors in Greece (2020-today). The organizing center of his research is on learning environments in school settings. Main research interests: improving motivational climate in PE settings, conducting short- or long- term school interventions, teaching styles, and teacher education.

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