Prof. Susan BROWNELL

Prof. Susan BROWNELL
Full Name
Prof. Susan BROWNELL
Date of birth
University of Missouri - St. Louis, Dpt of History
Prof. Susan BROWNELL

Department of History, University of Missouri-St. Louis


1990 Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara, in Cultural Anthropology Dissertation on The Olympic Movement on its Way into Chinese Culture


1994-present         University of Missouri, St. Louis, Department of History (2022-present)
                                Department of Anthropology (1994-2022)
2023-present,        University of Missouri Curators’ Distinguished Professor
2008-present,        Professor
1998-2008,            Associate Professor
1994-1998,            Assistant Professor
January-July          Heidelberg University (Germany), Guest Professor, Institute for China Studies and
2015                       Centre for Transcultural Studies, funded by Cluster of Excellence Asia-Europe
Fall 2014                Yale University, Visiting Professor, Department of Anthropology and Council on
                                East Asian Studies
May-August           Fudan University (Shanghai), Special Appointment Professor, International M.A. in
2010                       China Studies, Cultural Anthropology Studies Center
2007-2008             Beijing Sport University, Fulbright Senior Researcher & Guest Professor, Olympic
                               Studies Centre
Fall 2000                Yale University, Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and
                               Council on East Asian Studies
1992-1993             Yale University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and
                               Council on East Asian Studies


2022-      Member, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
2018        University of Missouri System President’s Award for Service – Citizenship and Leadership
2015        Chancellor’s Award for Research and Creativity, University of Missouri-St. Louis.
2009       Best Anthology Award of the North American Society for Sport History for Susan Brownell,
                ed., The 1904 Anthropology Days and Olympic Games: Sport, Race and American
                Imperialism (University of Nebraska Press, 2008)


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Special Journal Issue Edited
Richard Giulianotti and Susan Brownell, eds., British Journal of Sociology Special Issue on “Olympic and World Sport: Making Transnational Society?,” June 2012, vol. 63, no. 2.


2018         Co-organized workshop of 12 international scholars on “Sport Mega-Events and InterAsian Interactions,” with Gwang Ok, Chungbuk National University                  (Korea), for InterAsian Connections Conference (Social Sciences Research Council with Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences), Hanoi and Ninh Binh,                  Vietnam, December 3-7.
2011         Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet-Latour and Jacques Rogge, University of Ghent and Catholic University of Louvain, March 26 to April 2, 2011. Two keynotes and                  four invited lectures delivered to the public, faculty, and students during the week

2008         “Western-centrism in Olympic Studies and its Consequences in the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” 18th Earle F. Zeigler Lecture – Keynote Address, “Pathways:                   Critiques and Discourses in Olympic Research, 9th International Symposium for Olympic Research of the International Olympic Studies Centre of the University                  of Western Ontario, Beijing, China, August 7.
2007         International Chair in Olympism 2007, Olympic Studies Centre, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Inaugural Lecture of the CEO-UAB 2007/08 academic                  year, organized in collaboration with the General Secretary of Sport of the Generalitat of Catalunya. November 19-22.
2007/8     “From Athens to Beijing: West meets East in the Olympic Games.” A series of three
                  academic conferences at University of Missouri-St. Louis (USA), Beijing Sport University (China), University of the Peloponnese-Corinth and International                  Olympic Academy (Greee). Funding from Costamare Shipping Company, S.A


Mandarin Chinese, spoken and written – fluent
German – proficient
Latin – reading knowledge