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Cape Verde NOA Report

November 16, 2022
NOA Report

Cape Verde NOA Report


In Cape Verde the implementation of OVEP is encompassed by the idea of environmental protection, so the turtle was chosen as an example of protection and contribution for a better environment today and tomorrow.
The "Kretxeu turtle" is the symbol used in this project.


Olympic Clubs, teachers, coaches, volunteers.

Target Public

Children from 10 to 14 years
Location: The implementation covered the whole of Cape Verde.

Training + Event - 2 days
Promoter - Cape Verde Olympic Academy
The first day is dedicated to training and construction of materials and the 2nd day is dedicated to the event with its activities.

OVEP For Social Entrepreneurship


Create and develop an Olympic entrepreneurship incubator on a national scale, through sports and social initiatives led by participants, leaders and local entrepreneurs;
Generate a sustainable, autonomous and structured movement, managed on its own over time, to promote regular and frequent sports activities, using the OVEP and Sport for Life methodologies;

Organize regular and frequent training for young sports leaders, teachers, instructors to train them and manage their own social and sports businesses; Promote Olympic values for local youth and children, with a solid and lasting social impact in Cape Verde;

This project is divided into two phases
Training - Two weeks duration
Event - A day with several thematic Games of the Olympic Values, organized by the training participants.

Online conference series

"Conversation between womens"

IMotivate Cape Verdean women to assume their place in national and international sports at all times;
IITo learn about the experience of iconic women in national sport, from the point of view of athletes / coaches / mothers / leaders;

Share ideas and propose solutions that contribute to the process of inclusion and equity of women in Cape Verdean sport;

To recognise the role of physical education in the development of the underage female categories in Cape Verdean sport.

To know the participation of women in the national sports organisation and the sporting successes achieved by the national teams;

To highlight the role of women after COVID-19, promoting positive attitudes.

III Olympic Academy Forum

The Cape Verdean Olympic Academy (AOC) held its III Forum on December 11, 2021, an event to be held at the headquarters of the Cape Verdean Football Federation in Praia.

This III Forum comes after the ones held in the islands of São Vicente and Santiago, having been developed in these forums about Olympism, with the presence of students, teachers, members of the Olympic clubs, besides the launching of the book "Movimento Olímpico em Cabo Verde - 30 anos de História" (Olympic Movement in Cape Verde - 30 years of History).

Participation in cycle Olympism in Africa and Lusophony

The main purpose of this conference cycle was to discuss important issues related to Olympism in Portuguese-speaking African countries Portuguese-speaking countries and throughout Lusophony, to exchange experiences and draw different parallels, for the sake of dissemination and promotion of Olympic Values in the world.

Peace and Sport International Day

The Cape Verdean Olympic Committee (COC), the Olympic Academy and the French Embassy in Cape Verde, in partnership with the Paralympic Committee of Cape Verde (COPAC), held a range of activities as part of the "Terre de Jeux" programme, a programme of the Organising Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which this time takes place in partnership with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

This programme aims to bring the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to all countries before their actual start, with sports and cultural events, among others. Joining voice with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, a relay race was held to unite all the countries of the world on 06 April, "Sports for Development and Peace Day", recognised by the UN as the day on which the first Olympic Games of the Modern Era were held.

Elections in Cape-verdean Olympic Academy

Orlando Mascarenhas renews mandate at the Cape Verdean Olympic Academy

Orlando Mascarenhas renewed his mandate as head of the Cape Verdean Olympic Academy, an entity created by the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee, with its own statutes, which went to elections in May, 28.

The members of the Olympic Academy as well as the members of the Executive Commission of the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee voted in this election, with a total of 14 votes, resulting in 14 in favour of the list.

The following names are now part of the management of the organisation: President Orlando José Mascarenhas
Member: - Maria Eduarda Vasconcelos
Member - Glenda Letícia Aguilar Zuniga Araújo

Member - Mitza Sousa
Member - Sabino Tavares Correia Member - Fernando Jorge Tavares Pinto Member - Carlos Alberto Correia Tavares

Visit to OLYMPIA

This year, 2022, two representatives of the Cape Verdean Olympic Academy attended sessions of the International Olympic Academy in Greece.

Two women participated in the Young Olympic Ambassadors and Academy Directors sessions.

World Cleanup Day

The Cape Verdean Olympic Academy celebrated last September 17, in Achada Fazenda, the World Cleanup Day celebrations, in partnership with the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the Olympafrica Centre and the Santiago Norte Athletics Association.

The benefits was:

Environmental Awareness of the Santa Cruz population Santa Cruz-Achada Fazenda
Understand the possibility of recycling materials collected for community construction community.

Differentiated form in the practice of physical activity.
Use of the role of the athlete to encourage the promotion of a more environmentally friendly more environmentally friendly community.

The Cape Verdean Olympic Academy is an entity integrated in the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee, endowed with its own organic structure and autonomy in the pursuit of the activities reserved to it. It was created on 17 July 1989, the same day of the creation of the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee, according to its statutes and elected its new leaders in June 2018.

Its first President was Emanuel Charles de Oliveira, followed by Maria Eduarda Vasconcelos and currently Orlando Mascarenhas.

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Articles & Publications

November 16, 2022
NOA Report

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Articles & Publications

November 16, 2022
NOA Report

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